Convite da EFEE - European Federation of Education Employers, às Associadas da APESP


As you might have heard, EFEE is the coordinator of the newly launched Educational Leadership Network Europe (ELNE) which is a Europe-wide community composed of over 100 relevant and reputable European-level networks, national organisations, regional and local institutions, and universities, representing policymakers, practitioners, researchers and stakeholders, from the education and training sector.

Coordinating this project (and network) is a very important milestone for EFEE, that has managed to position itself at the front of the most relevant network representing formal education and training in Europe. For this reason, at this stage we would like to kindly ask for your direct collaboration in the dissemination and growth of the ELNE. Your network of education centers and grass-root practitioners is a source of incalculable value for the ELNE, which will showcase existing research and good practices in the field of formal education and training to enhance collaborative school leadership to an audience of thousands.

We have prepared a list of specific dissemination objectives tailored to the size of your organisation that we encourage you to accomplish to help ELNE and EFEE grow and position themselves in the European Union formal education and training sector:

  • Get at least 5 members/contacts to submit a practice to the attached 'Call for Inspiring Showcases'
  • Get at least 1 members/contacts to submit a practice to the attached 'Call for Research Summaries'
  • Get at least 20 members/contacts to register in the ELNE website for the different webinars at the European Educational Leadership Week (EELW) from 12 to 16 February 2024. Registrations will open in December 2023
  • Get at least 5 members/contacts to join the network through registration in the ELNE website. Registrations will open in December 2023